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Punkymoms meetup group
05/19/2008 06:20

"It was great! Victoria was a wonderful host and I'm so excited to see all of our creations!"


Punkymoms meetup group
05/19/2008 06:22

"Such a good time! It was nice to meet everyone. Victoria does a really good job running the clay class and making everything run smoothly for the moms and kids."
Tracy E

New moms in the city meet-up group
05/19/2008 06:26

"It was great fun to meet Victoria and CJ, and all the other moms and babes and make a beautiful keepsake at the same time!"

Anna K.
"This was so much fun! I'm coming back again to make mother's day gifts for the grandmas."

"We had the best time! Victoria was a wonderful hostess and was so helpful in creating the clay footprints/handprint s. If you have the time, then go! You'll have a wonderful time and a great keepsake."

"Had a lot of fun! Victoria was very organized and a wonderful teacher and host! Elizabeth


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    Victoria Kolodziejski has a BS in Early Childhood Education with an endosement in Special Education.  She taught Preschool and Kindergaten in the public schools for the last seven years. She is currently obtaining her Developmental Therapy licensure and teaching Ceramics Classes while being a stay at home mom to her son, CJ.


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