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What is CGC Clay school?

This class is for children 3-6. It is a theme based and children will learn basic skills for kindergarten along with doing a clay creation. Parents are welcome to join us or they may run errands during the class.  The class is one 1 hour and 15 minutes.  Contact me for times.  (minimum 3 kids- maximum 7 kids per session)

Class schedule

10:00 Children Arrive
10:00 Table time (practicing handwriting or fine motor skills)
10:10 Introduce theme of the day through a story
10:20 Clay activity related to the theme
10:40 Circle time (weather, calendar, numbers, shapes, letters)
10:55 Snack
11:05 Math games related to theme
11:15 Parents pick children up

Why do CGC clayschool?

I  am  a "state certified highly qualified" teacher who carries a Early Childhood (Type o4) certificate.  I taught kindergarten and preschool in the public schools for seven years before having my son CJ.  My philosophy of  preschool education will prepare your child socially as well as academically for kindergaten and beyond.  Your child will develop a love for learning through patience, structure, and kindness all while having fun.  CGC preschool is located at my house in Wicker Park, it is a safe child friendly atmosphere set up for children to achieve their highest potential.

 Session Time and Cost:

Each class session is $25 dollars. This includes all supplies and a healthy snack. Extra time may be added to the end of each session for $10 each half hour.


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